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Rides at Dollywood

Dollywood Rides

This is your guide to all of the rides at Dollywood.

Your Guide to the Rides at Dollywood

Dollywood is filled with family-friendly and thrilling rides that twist, turn, flip and zoom you. With so many rides to choose from at the popular theme park, it can be difficult deciding which to do first, and which is best for everyone in your group. This is your guide to all of the rides at Dollywood.

Dollywood Rides Ratings

Each of Dollywood’s rides receive a rating category of mild, moderate or high.

Mild Thrill Rides

Mild thrill rides and attractions are perfect for children. These rides and attractions have low speeds with no unexpected movements or unanticipated thrills.

Moderate Thrill Rides

Moderate thrill rides move at moderate speeds with unexpected movements, as well as unusual and potentially stressful physical forces.

High Thrill Rides

High thrill rides are not recommended for young riders. These rides move at high speeds with extremely unusual and potentially stressful physical forces. High thrill rides have startling and unexpected thrills and are best for healthy and physically able riders.

Dollywood rides

Dollywood Rides

Mild Thrill Rides

Mild thrill rides are Dollywood’s most family-friendly rides. These are perfect for children of all ages. Let the little ones ride on their own or accompany them for an experience together.

Head to Country Fair and let your child soar on an elephant while riding Amazing Flying Elephants, or board a bumble bee on Busy Bees. Climb into an adorable duck car on Lucky Ducky or join in the Piggy Parade in a pig car. Demolition Derby lets the kiddos ride with you as you bump your family friends in these bumper cars. Shooting Star is Dollywood’s kid-friendly drop tower.

Children will love visiting the enchanted Wildwood Grove. There, they can climb onto the back of a black bear and follow the trail through the scenic backwoods on Black Bear Trail. Go round and round on Frogs & Fireflies, or take flight on Mad Mockingbird. Between the rides, explore the Hidden Hollow, a secret play area where kids can climb tree trunk net towers, explore tree crawls and slide down hollow logs.

Timber Canyon has a mini coaster that’s perfect for children. Whistle Punk Chaser sends riders twisting and turning. Then, summon your strength for Lumberjack Lifts as you pull yourself up to 25 feet in the air.

Let your child take the wheel on the Rockin’ Roadway as they drive a retro car at Jukebox Junction. If classic is your thing, then you won’t want to miss a ride on the Village Carousel. This nostalgic amusement has 60 animals to ride as Calliope music plays.

Kids will love burning some energy at the Firehouse Fun Yard or Lil’ Pilots Playground. These playgrounds have plenty of structures to climb and explore.

Dollywood Mystery Mine

Moderate Thrill Rides

The moderate thrill rides at Craftsman’s Valley will heat your up and cool you down. Blazing Fury sends rides through an out-of-control fire. If the heat was too much, board Daredevil Falls’ log ride to make a splash.

Country Fair has Dollywood’s classic amusement park rides. Spin at high speeds on Dizzy Disk. For more family-friendly twists and turns, hop into Dollywood’s spinning tea cups ride, Lemon Twist. Everyone loves the Scrambler ride. Dollywood’s will have you screaming, laughing and shuffling more than ever. Waltzing Swinger, a classic carnival swing ride, is a great way for kids to reach new heights. Catch even more air on Sky Rider, soaring 70 feet above Country Fair.

The moderate thrill rides at Wildwood Grove are a great opportunity for not only some adrenaline-pumping fun, but to take in some great views of Dollywood. Treetop Tower is a scenic chair lift ride that offers panoramic views of the Wildwood Tree. Race through the air like one of the Grove’s most playful creatures, a dragonfly. The Dragonflier mimics the speed and twists of a flying dragonfly. Swing back and forth on the Great Tree Swing.

Dollywood has two types of train rides. One that offers a more relaxing ride, and one that’s full of thrills. FireChaser Express is the nation’s first dual-launch family coaster that sends riders forwards and backwards. Settle down with a ride on the Dollywood Express, an authentic coal-fired steam engine. This 20-minute, five-mile train ride takes you through the mountains of Pigeon Forge on a spectacular journey.

High Thrill Rides

While most of Dollywood’s rides are perfect for families looking for a little thrill, these high thrill rides don’t mess around.

Get the experience of a 1920s stunt pilot on Barnstormer. This dual pendulum ride sends you higher and higher at speeds of up to 45 miles per hour, with 230 degrees of rotation.

It’s a slow climb 20 stories up on Drop Line. When you reach the top, take in the views of the park and Smoky Mountains. Before you know it, you’ll be plummeting back to the ground.

Dollywood has two wooden roller coasters. Lightning Rod reaches speeds of up to 73 miles per hour and takes riders 20 stories high. Riders will experience almost 20 seconds of airtime and plenty of corkscrew turns. Thunderhead is a massive wooden coaster that boasts a breathtaking 100-foot drop.

You’ll have plenty of twists and turns before you head underground on Mystery Mine. This 1,811-foot track goes through an abandoned coal mine and features 95-degree turns and an 85-foot vertical drop.

Tennessee Tornado is a triple spiral-looping coaster that makes you feel like you’re in the center of a tornado. Reaching speeds of almost 70 miles per hour, this ride has a 128-foot drop that you won’t be ready for.

America’s first wing coaster, Wild Eagle, is the first of its kind. Riders will soar 21 stories above the park as the wings of an eagle. Don’t look down because there’s nothing beneath you.

Dollywood Wild Eagle

More Information about Dollywood Rides

Many of Dollywood’s rides have a minimum height requirement for safety reasons. Be sure to check these requirements in advance.

During inclement or harsh weather, some of Dollywood’s rides may not be open.

Images provided by Dollywood Parks & Resorts