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Rides at Dollywood’s Splash Country Pigeon Forge

Dollywood’s Splash Country Rides

This is your guide to all of the rides, slides and more at Dollywood’s Splash Country.

Your Guide to the Rides at Dollywood’s Splash Country

Dollywood’s Splash Country is brimming with water rides that provide an adrenaline rush, soaking fun or a more relaxing experience. With so many rides, slides and water attractions to choose from at the expansive park, it can be difficult deciding which to do first, and which is best for everyone in your group. This is your guide to all of the rides, slides and more at Dollywood’s Splash Country

Dollywood’s Splash Country Rides Ratings

Each of Dollywood’s Splash Country’s rides receive a rating category.

Low speed rides are great for those who just want to get a little wet. These are ideal for toddlers under supervision, children, seniors, handicap or partially health-limited guests.

Moderate thrill rides can be ridden by inexperienced riders, novice swimmers, partially handicap riders under supervision and children under supervision.

Aggressive rides should be ridden by guests with no medical restrictions. These rides may involve deep water and physical activity.

High thrill rides can be more challenging for riders who are afraid of high speeds, heights and/or enclosed spaces. These are not recommended for guests with health or medical limitation.

Dollywood’s Splash Country Rides

Low Speed Rides

For a relaxing ride, grab an inner tube and head for Downbound Float Trip. This 1,500-foot river takes riders along a scenic float. You’ll gently glide along the path and encounter a 200-foot waterfall that will give you a refreshing soak.

The Cascades is Dollywood’s Splash Country’s play area for children of all ages and their families. This 8,000-square-foot lagoon-style pool features interactive elements to entertain and drench. Children can explore, with or without you, the water jets, bubblers, slides and secret coves.

Dollywood's Splash Country kids rides

Once the kids finish at The Cascades, head over to Little Creek Falls where they can find more safe water fun. This play area is complete with a children’s pool, slides and an activity center that offers plenty of opportunities to splash.

Moderate Thrill Level Rides

Bear Mountain Fire Tower is the only moderate thrill level attraction at Dollywood’s Splash Country. This multi-level interactive attraction boasts seven water sides, as well as water cannons and a massive bucket that dumps 1,000 gallons of water. Bear Mountain Fire Tower is for guests ages 7 and older. Guests under age 7 must be supervised by someone over the age of 16.

Aggressive Level Rides

Catch a wave at Dollywood’s Splash Country when you wade into Mountain Waves. This 25,000-square-foot wave pool offers the fun of the beach without the mess of the sand. Stay in the shallow end for smaller waves, or swim to the deep end and brave the big waves.

Mountain Twist, Slick Rock Racer and Tailspin Racer are all waterslides that use a foam body board. Each slide features twists and turns as you race down. Slick Rock Racer and Tailspin Racer allow you to race alongside family and friends. Both have a minimum height of 42 inches, while Mountain Twist has a minimum height of 36 inches.

High Thrill Rides

A majority of Splash Country’s rides have a high thrill rating, so you know you’re in for some adrenaline-pumping fun.

Take a solo ride down plunging water slides The Butterfly, Mountain Scream and Fire Tower Falls. All three require a minimum height of 48 inches. The Butterfly drops you down a 55-foot-long slide into a three-and-a-half-foot deep pool. For a little more thrill, take your pick of Mountain Scream’s two slide options. Choose from twists and corkscrew turns in an enclosed slide, or brave the quardruple drop on the other slide. The most thrilling single-rider slide is Fire Tower Falls. This is the tallest and fastest slide at Dollywood’s Splash Country. Standing at 70 feet tall, this slide drops riders down a 280-foot-long track.

Dollywood's Splash Country slides

Wild River Falls and SwiftWater Run can accommodate single or double tubes. These slides simulate the twists and turns of the Great Smoky Mountains’ natural rivers. SwiftWater Run utilizes a corkscrew tunnel and large funnel.

Enjoy a high thrill ride with your family or friends when you ride Big Bear Plunge, Raging River Rapids and RiverRush. Big Bear Plunge sends riders through dark tunnels, twisting bends and steep drops, similar to a river rafting adventure. Also emulating the excitement of a rafting adventure in the Smoky Mountains is Raging River Rapids. This ride stays true to its name as you take on the 700-foot raft ride.

RiverRush is Tennessee’s first and only water coaster. This 1,175-foot-long ride features hairpin turns, dark tunnels and rushing waters. You get the excitement of a rollercoaster with the splash of the water.

More Information about Dollywood’s Splash Country Rides

Dollywood’s Splash Country’s lifeguards have earned the Platinum International Aquatic Safety Award from Jeff Ellis & Associates, a leader in the aquatic industry. These on-site lifeguards are dedicated to providing the highest degree of swimmer protection.

Images provided by Dollywood Parks & Resorts.


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