Dollywood Pigeon Forge Wildwood Grove

Wildwood Grove at Dollywood

Image from Dollywood Parks & Resorts

Discover Wildwood Grove at Dollywood Theme Park

Dollywood is a popular theme park in Pigeon Forge with a variety of rides and attractions perfect for the whole family. Dollywood is divided into different areas, including Jukebox Junction, The Village and Craftsman’s Valley, each with a different theme. The family-friendly park will debut a brand-new area this year, Wildwood Grove.

About Wildwood Grove

Dollywood’s newest area, Wildwood Grove is reminiscent of an enchanted land filled with picturesque scenery, fairies and talking animals. Journey to this hidden land, past shimming creeks, through the charming village and under the limbs of the great Wildwood Tree.

Within Wildwood Grove, you’ll meet its friendly residents. Benjamin Bear welcomes you with a friendly smile. Hop and jump around Wildwood Grove with Franklin Frog. Let Flit and Flutter, the fairies who paint the Wildwood Tree’s leaves, guide you throughout the land.

Wildwood Grove is the biggest expansion that Dollywood has ever done. The six-acre, $37 million expansion is focused, much like the rest of the park, on children and family experiences. The beautifully landscaped Wildwood Grove will also feature about 400 trees and 1,000 shrubs.

Rides at Wildwood Grove

With the opening of the new area comes new rides at Dollywood. Wildwood Grove will feature eight new rides and attractions.

Hop on the back of a friendly bear as you ride through Wildwood Grove’s backwoods along Black Bear Trail. Race round and round as lively bluegrass music plays on Frogs & Fireflies. Or, take flight on Mad Mocking Bird. Kids will love taking control of their own mocking bird as they dip and soar. Treetop Tower is the perfect way to take in panoramic views of Wildwood Grove.

For high-thrill rides, experience the Great Tree Swing. This breathtaking ride sends you rocking back and forth. Zoom through the air on The Dragonflier, mimicking the flight of a Smoky Mountain dragonfly. The Dragonflier is a suspended roller coaster that speeds along an unpredictable path.

Let the kids have some fun indoors as they climb, play and touch all of the activities within the Hidden Hollow. There’s even a separate area for toddlers to have some safe fun. When you need a place to unwind and relax, visit the Wildwood Creek. Near a scenic waterfall, this is the perfect place to take a break from all of the action.

More to Do at Wildwood Grove

In addition to all of the rides, the Wildwood Grove expansion features even more to see and do.

Wildwood Grove will get its own restaurant, Till and Harvest. This full-service restaurant serves a blend of Mexican food and Smoky Mountain fare. Enjoy burritos or bowls, filled with meat and fresh vegetables, on the open-air patio. Guests can finish their meal with churros and ice cream from the walk-up window.

During the day, take your photo by the towering Wildwood Tree. Return at night to see the tree, decorated in butterflies, light up. The tree is also a platform for performances that will be held throughout the day and into the evening.

More Information about Wildwood Grove

Wildwood Grove and all of its rides and attractions opened May 2019.