Loco Burro

Loco Burro

Hola señores y señoritas! Welcome to the Best place to enjoy Fresh Tex mex on the strip in Gatlinburg.

When you step through the front door and the sights, scents and sounds of Loco Burro – the only Tex-Mex Cantina- hits your senses, you know you’re in for an experience like no other. The flavor, freshness and presentation of the food at Loco are beyond anything you’ll find anywhere.

Only the highest quality produce, meat, and fish make it to your table. Loco Burro is a one stop destination. We are known for our World Famous Fajitas and Margaritas. It’s always a celebration here. We are no stranger to fun, so strap on one of our sombreros and take a ride on our BUCKING BURRO.

That’s right the one and only mechanical donkey providing endless entertainment to our guest. If you would rather relax and take in the views of the beautiful Smokey Mountains join us on the only rooftop patio in Gatlinburg. The rooftop features its own bar, dining tables and beautiful fire pits. Loco Burro can also host any occasion you have whether it’s birthday parties, wedding parties or private events.
Loco Burro handmade fresh from scratch daily

Our great food comes from great ingredients. We hold our staff and our products to the highest standards. Meats, seafood and produce are shipped to our restaurants fresh daily, and everything is made in house from scratch. From produce to poultry and everything in between we check it all thoroughly, touching every product to ensure fresh, vibrant food each and every day.

Flour Tortillas are handmade to order. A Tex-Mex meal isn’t complete without warm, soft tortillas, and our special recipe creates the fluffiest most delicious tortillas. Loco Burro also offers Table side Guacamole. Our servers mash the finest Haas avocados, bright firm juicy Roma tomatoes and other veggies for the most delicious guacamole you’ve ever tasted. Our 3 signature salsas are made from the finest ripe, firm, smooth and juicy tomatoes. We mix our perfectly roasted tomatoes and jalapenos with cilantro and red onions to create a signature salsa you just can’t put down. Our famous fajitas are marinated in our top- secret recipe, then grilled over natural mesquite-fired grill. Our steaks fajitas are seared beautifully, creating the finest caramelization, and we serve you immediately, with your fajitas still sizzling. It starts and ends with the food.