King's Family Distillery
Pigeon Forge

King's Family Distillery

The Newest Small Batch Distillery In The Heart Of The Smoky Mountains

King's Family Distillery may be one of the newest producers of spirits in the area, but the distilling history of the King family dates back a century. Whether they were making spirits legally or illegally, they continue to be passionate about creating an end product that results in a loyal customer base. Cara King has opened the doors of King's Family Distillery to honor the heritage of her family and the region while remaining true to her own convictions by producing a diverse range of product that will delight many individual preferences.

Our Brand Is New To The Market, But Family History Has Dictated This Path.

King's Family Distillery offers hand-selected premium spirits to the residents of and visitors to the Great Smoky Mountains. We feature whiskey, bourbon, rye, vodka, and more!

You won't find any mason jars in our bottle shop! While we nod to the moonshining culture of yesteryear, we offer a diverse selection of high quality liquor that will delight the discerning palate and create exceptional cocktails for varying tastes and preferences.

Sample The Highest Quality Spirits

Our tasting room is available for tastings of all of our exceptional products. We offer a rotating selection of our premium spirits. All of these products are unique to our bottle shop and will not be matched elsewhere. Sit down with us for samples, stay a while, and enjoy all the flavors of King's Family Distillery.

We Are Committed To Producing Fine Liquor

Each ingredient is hand-selected by King’s Family Distillery based on the owner’s expertise honed from a decade of supplying the finest grain to American and Canadian distilleries. Our vodka is gluten-free, and one of the smoothest vodkas you’ll taste anywhere. Our straight bourbon is a high corn mash bill, aged at least 2 years. The rye whiskey we feature is produced with rye that was sourced from Northern Europe by the owner in her former career. King’s Blended Whiskey is a proprietary recipe using only real whiskies aged at least two years. 

Each of our products is meticulously prepared for perfect flavor and finish. Whether enjoyed neat or in a cocktail, the spirits offered by King’s Family Distillery are held to almost impossible quality standards that can only come from experience.