One-of-a-Kind Finds for the Famous Dogwood Mall

For Over 30 Years, Dogwood Mall has been a Favorite for Craft and Art Seeking Celebrities
By Arielle Patterson

Following his retirement from years as vice president for 70 jewelry stores and his wife’s experience as president of a craft guild, Roy Holmes and his wife, Sherry, decided on their next venture, Dogwood Mall.

Established in 1988, Dogwood Mall boasts one of the largest collections of local arts, crafts and souvenirs in the Smoky Mountains. Located in Townsend, the space showcases the work of local artists, procuring exclusive rights on their goods. Native American pottery and jewelry, oil paintings, handmade knives, custom shirts and hats of the Smokies, local honey, preserves and so much more. Many items sold at wholesale prices because at Dogwood Mall the artist rents the space and you are buying direct.

“People are looking for things that are not the typical Gatlinburg ‘made in China’ look,” says Holmes.

dogwood mall

Among the people who visit Dogwood Mall are a slew of celebrities, as well as a member of British parliament, searching for a one-of-a-kind find. Prominent patrons include musician Kid Rock, Rascal Flatts’ lead guitarist Joe Don Rooney, actress Dale Dickey, actor Kevin Nealon, The James Bond Girl from Goldfinger, Shirley Eaton and many more.

“Some of them we don’t recognize, such as the actor Andy Stalh from the movie The Blind Side, but you find out from conversation,” Holmes says.

The owner recalls one customer looking at the wall of pictures that display the celebrities who’ve visited Dogwood Mall. “Now you have me in here,” said the customer, who turned out to be American and Latin actor in the Netflix show Nicky Jam.

Holmes attributes the popularity of Dogwood Mall in part to the mall’s longevity and reputation for world-class, exceptional items. “Sherry deserves much of the credit,” says Holmes. “She did the original set up of the mall, selected all the crafters and set the incredible standard. It’s been 30-plus years. Word gets out. After a while, people know if you’ve got good stuff, good quality and unique things,” explains Holmes. “That’s what everyone’s looking for.”

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