Hi! I’m Trooper!

When I was 8 weeks old, I was abandoned and run over by a train. I lost a lot, but I found a loving family! My differences make me stronger and I use them to advocate for other animals. Let’s work together to give other pets a better life!

Following Trooper’s tragedy that caused him to lose his legs, his tail and his eye, he was adopted by his loving family and given a second chance at a beautiful life. His story is proof that in the midst of uncertainty, there is always a purpose to be found and that whether you’re a human or a pet, you can overcome anything.

The Trooper Telegraph has become a social media powerhouse with over 30,000 people following the Facebook page. The powerful pup rallies people together from all over to aid pets in need.

With many feats like fundraising and supporting non-profits that strive to improve the quality of life for other pets, Trooper uses the social media platform as a way to build relationships and raise awareness. You will find that all the posts are written in first person, connecting Trooper with his followers and thus discovering ways to help support other animals. The page also puts other disabled pets in the public spotlight and allows Trooper to serve as a spokesperson for the disabled pet community.


Auctions, raffles, charity events and fundraisers are just a few ways that Trooper helps other animals. He makes appearances at these special events, where he can be found posing for pictures with guests in exchange for donated items to humane societies and animal rescue centers chosen by the event’s host. The Trooper Telegraph ensures that all items and monetary donations go straight to the selected charities and that it all remains local.

The Trooper Telegraph also partners directly with certain pets to fundraise for their medical care funds, surgery procedures, medical equipment and more. Sometimes Trooper even gets to meet the animals that he saves, as these fundraisers often protect them from being euthanized.

It’s also no surprise that Trooper is just as charismatic as his work. His owner, Betsy, describes him as a “super energetic, very sweet dog that doesn’t seem to perceive that he has a disability and is incredibly adaptable.” He can still run and play with his other fur siblings and doesn’t let anything hold him back.

Recently, Trooper moved from his home in Ohio to right here in the Tennessee Smokies. Be sure to check the Trooper Telegraph Facebook page to see when he could be making an appearance at Fox Fire Adventure Park so you can meet the miracle dog yourself and be a part of allowing handicapped pets to have the opportunity at a better life.

Visit The Trooper Telegraph Facebook page @whatatrooper to learn more.