Dollywood’s Splash Country TimeSaver H2O Pass

Dollywood’s Splash Country TimeSaver H2O Pass

Beat the long lines when you visit Dollywood’s Splash Country by purchasing a TimeSaver H2O Pass.

Skip the Line when you Visit Dollywood’s Splash Country

Dollywood’s Splash Country is the place to be for summer fun when you visit Pigeon Forge. The expansive water park boasts rides, slides and water attractions that are perfect for the whole family. Since Splash Country is such a popular locale, you can expect there to be a crowd of eager visitors during the summer. Beat the long lines when you visit Dollywood’s Splash Country by purchasing a TimeSaver H2O Pass.

About the TimeSaver H2O Pass

The TimeSaver H2O Pass allows Dollywood’s Splash Country guests to spend less time in line and more time enjoying all of the rides at the water park. The pass utilizes a line reservation system, allowing guests to reserve their space in line for several of Splash Country’s rides.

How Does the TimeSaver H2O Pass Work?

Guests that purchase the TimeSaver H2O Pass will receive a waterproof wristband when they arrive to the water park. With the TimeSaver H2O wristband, they can visit one of the five available kiosks to schedule the water ride or slide of their choice.

TimeSaver H2O secures the guest’s position in this virtual line so they are able to enjoy the rest of the park. When it’s time for the guest to return to the ride or slide of their choice, the wristband will notify them.

Which Rides can You use the TimeSaver H2O Pass on?

The TimeSaver H2O Pass can be used on many of Splash Country’s thrilling water rides and slides.

  • Fire Tower Falls – The fastest and tallest slide in the water park.
  • Mountain Scream – Choose from the enclosed slide with winding corkscrew tunnels or the slide with a quadruple drop.
  • Mountain Twist – Zip down 42 feet of twists and turns.
  • Raging River Rapids – Get soaked with the whole family on this raft ride.
  • RiverRush – Tennessee’s first and only water coaster.
  • Slick Rock Racer – Race your family and friends on this 300-foot-long slide.
  • SwiftWater Run – Cling to the edge of this funnel slide.
  • TailSpin Racer – Dollywood’s Splash Country’s newest attraction.

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Dollywood TimeSaver Pass

TimeSaver H2O Prices

The TimeSaver H2O Pass can be purchased online as a ticket add-on or at the TimeSaver H2O booth near the main gate.

A $5 deposit per wristband is required but will be refunded when the wristband is returned.

TimeSaver H2O

Regular: $22.78 | Gold Passholder: $18.23

TimeSaver H2O Premium

The Premium Pass holds your place in line and shortens your wait.

Regular: $31.89 | Gold Passholder $27.34

Platinum TimeSaver H2O

The Platinum Pass guarantees a wait time that is only 10% of the regular wait time.

Regular: $45.55 | Gold Passholder $41.00

Prices do not include tax.

Images provided by Dollywood Parks & Resorts