Old Tennessee Distilling Co.
Old Tennessee Distilling Co.

Old Tennessee Distilling Co.

Located in Kodak, in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains, Old Tennessee Distilling Co. handcrafts each bottle from scratch. Old Tennessee promises to deliver authentic spirits worthy of their legacy with each sip. Using cornmeal locally ground at the Old Mill in Pigeon Forge, sugar, yeast and water, their crystal clear, superior moonshine reflects a tradition spanning generations. Visit their copper-clad tasting room to sample Old Tennessee’s moonshine, along with their rum, gin, whiskey and vodka.

The newest small batch distillery to enter the Smokies’ spirit scene is King’s Family Distillery. While the distillery, located outside of Pigeon Forge, is new, the King family has been in the distilling industry for decades. King’s Family Distillery offers a range of spirits, from vodka to whiskey, that have been specifically prepared to have the perfect flavor.

When you visit The Old Mill in Pigeon Forge, be sure to stop by the Old Forge Distillery tasting room. Produced with freshly ground grain from the mill and pure mountain spring water, Old Forge’s small batch spirits taste true to the area. Try their 1830 Original moonshine or one of the flavored ‘shines.

Old Tennessee Distilling Co. celebrates American individualism and freedom. Visit us, and you’ll learn the history of whiskey in the United States. Best of all, a copper-clad tasting bar encourages you to have some fun tasting our spirits.

At Old Tennessee Distilling Co., located in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains in Kodak, Tennessee, we handcraft every bottle from scratch. All our whiskeys start with heirloom corn, grown and ground by our family right here in Tennessee. Our process remains true to the methods passed down through the generations of our distiller’s family. To maintain the full grain flavor, we distill our whiskey in a pot still and control the distillate to a very narrow proof range, ensuring that only the best product reaches our customers. Each barrel, bottle and sip honors the passion and pride of our whiskey-running ancestors, and fulfills our promise to deliver authentic spirits worthy of their legacy.

In addition to whiskey, we produce a full line of spirits, including rum, gin, moonshine and vodka. Come see why everyone is raving about our rum, which is made from select molasses that yields a full-body with a warm finish. If you’re in search of the most refreshing cocktail, the very nice citrus finish of our award-winning gin provides the perfect base. We also have more than 13 bold-flavored moonshines to satisfy any taste and every mood.