Buttonwillow Civil War Theater

Buttonwillow Civil War Theater

The South's Newest Drama in Pigeon Forger



The year is 1864. A die-hard Tennessee Unionist runs into his Confederate sister; both struggle to understand the other’s view of saving their precious South! Our show is both educational and entertaining, with a light-hearted, but also serious portrayal of Civil War figures and facts.


Ticket prices (tax not included) are $29.95 for ages 12 and older, $19.95 for ages 5 thru 11, and children 4 and under are FREE!


Steve Gipson’s Original Production Grandaddy’s Watch



Steve Gipson leads the show with a Unionist attitude and a protective zeal for his Grandaddy’s Union. He has more than more than 40 years on stage and TV. He writes and Directs the show.



Andrea Thone steals the show as she stands agains her Union Brother. Her quick with hits home as she reveals the Southern view of the War Between the States.



Grab one of our concession delights to enjoy during the show!


"Missippy" Long Dogs

Stand Waite Popcorn

Jeb Stuart Rock Candy

"God Save The South" Southern Fudge

Nannie's Oatmeal Cookies

General Beauregard's Suckers

Natchez Root Beer

Colonel Pemberton's Coca Cola

Missy Pemberton's Diet Coke

Stonewall Jackson's Lemonade


*Please note, we are no longer a dinner theater at our new location.