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Alcatraz East Crime Museum Pigeon Forge

Alcatraz East Crime Museum

A perfect rainy-day activity like no other includes a trip to the Alcatraz East Crime Museum.

Visit the Alcatraz East Crime Museum

There are an array of activities and attractions to see and do when you visit Pigeon Forge. While you’re sure to spend some time in the great outdoors, be sure to plan some indoor activities as well. A perfect rainy-day activity like no other includes a trip to the Alcatraz East Crime Museum.

About the Alcatraz East Crime Museum

Named after the famed Alcatraz prison in San Francisco, the Alcatraz East Crime Museum actually resembles the Tennessee State Prison in Nashville. Designed to look like a castle, Tennessee’s first state prison was a fortress of thick stone and masonry walls. Alcatraz East Crime Museum incorporated the prison’s ornate features, as well as the lighthouse from Alcatraz prison, to create the museum.

Alcatraz East Crime Museum Exhibits

Explore America’s criminal past at the Alcatraz East Crime Museum. From criminal profiles, the penal system and victim’s stories to forensic science, law enforcement and more, you can find it all here. The 25,000 square foot museum is brimming with artifacts, exhibits and interactive activities on two floors.

Alcatraz East Crime Museum exhibit

Galleries at the Alcatraz East Crime Museum include: the evolution of crime and criminals in America, the consequences of crime, forensics and crime scene investigation, crime fighting by local and national law enforcement, and counterfeit crimes and pop culture.

Follow along over 100 exhibits while listening in on the audio tour, narrated by “Cold Case Files” narrator Bill Kurtis. The audio tour features songs, fun facts and exclusive insights on the galleries.

Alcatraz East Crime Museum also features special temporary exhibits. Past temporary exhibits include: wildlife trafficking, immigration and customs enforcement, and Ted Bundy.

You’ll also find artifacts from some of America’s most notorious crimes in history, including Ted Bundy’s Volkswagen, O.J. Simpson’s Mustang and more.

Alcatraz East Crime Museum Kid Activities

While many of the elements at the Alcatraz East Crime Museum may be for more mature visitors, there’s plenty for kids to do as well. Alcatraz East Crime Museum offers kid-friendly activities through the Junior Detectives program.

Perfect for younger children, the Junior Detectives program features fun exhibits and interactive displays. Kids can try breaking into a locked safe or stand in a replica police line-up. Throughout the museum there are places for kids to stop and answer questions about safety, internet etiquette and cyberbullying.

Alcatraz East Crime Museum Junior Detectives

Alcatraz East Crime Museum Events

Mark your calendar for some of Alcatraz East Crime Museum’s special events throughout the year. The museum hosts expert guest speakers from around the country that discuss an array of crime-related topics.

Tickets to the Alcatraz East Crime Museum

General admission tickets include access to the main exhibits.

Adults (ages 13–60): $28.95, Seniors (ages 61 and older): $21.95 and children (ages 8–12): $14.95

More information about tickets and other options, click here.

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More Information about Alcatraz East Crime Museum

Alcatraz East Crime Museum is located at 2757 Parkway, Pigeon Forge.


Alcatraz East Crime Museum is open Sunday–Thursday from 10 a.m.–9 p.m. and Friday and Saturday from 10 a.m.–10 p.m.

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